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Here's the table of contents of my book Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash MX in 24 Hours.
Notice that chapters 1, 10, 17, and 19 (while still copyrighted) can be viewed online. It was difficult selecting which sample chapters to offer so I decided to pick one from each of the four parts of the book.
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(Also, you can find sample chapters for the first edition--Flash 5--here)


Part I Assembling the Graphics You'll Animate in Flash
1 Basics
2 Drawing and Painting Original Art in Flash
3 Importing Graphics into Flash
4 Applied Advanced Drawing Techniques
5 Using the Library for Productivity

Part II Animating in Flash
6 Understanding Animation
7 Animation the Old-Fashioned Way
8 Using Motion Tween to Animate
9 Using Shape Tween to Morph
10 Including Sound in Your Animation
11 Using Layers in Your Animation
12 Animating Using Movie Clip and Graphic Symbols

Part III Adding Interactivity and Advanced Animation
13 Making Buttons For Your User to Click
14 Using Actions to Create Non-Linear Movies
15 ActionScripting Applications For Advanced Interactivity
16 Using Components

17 Using Video

Part IV Putting It All Together for the Web
18 Linking Your Movie to the Web
19 Designing Your Website to be Modular
20 Optimizing Your Flash Site
21 Advanced Animation Techniques
22 Working on Large Projects and in Team Environments
23 Learning How to Learn Flash
24 Publishing Your Creation

Appendix A Shapes You Can Make Using Selection, Snap, and the Canvas Level
Appendix B Resources

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