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ActionScripting in Flash MX

Here's the table of contents of my book ActionScripting in Flash MX.

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Part I Foundation

1 Flash Basics
2 What's New in Flash MX
3 The Programmer's Approach
4 Basic Programming in Flash
5 Programming Structures
6 Debugging
7 The Movie Clip Object
8 Functions
9 Manipulating Strings
10 Keyboard Access and Modifying Onscreen Text
11 Arrays
12 Objects
13 Homemade Objects
14 Extending ActionScript
15 Components
16 Interfacing with External Data

Part II Workshop

--Basic Workshops:
1 Ensuring That Users Have the Flash Player 6
2 Creating Custom Cursors
3 Creating a Horizontal Slider
4 Building a Slide Show
5 Mapping and Scripted Masking
6 Working with Odd Shaped Clickable Areas
7 Adapting Built-In Components

--Intermediate Workshops:
8 Creating a Currency Exchange Calculator
9 Creating a Tooltip Component
10 Making Timers

11 Using Math to Create a Circular Slider

12 Developing Time-Based Animations

--Advanced Workshops:
13 Drawing Graphs
14 Offline Production
15 Creating a Dynamic Slide Presentation
16 Using the Local SharedObject to Remember User Settings
17 Using the LocalConnection Object for Inter-Movie Communication
18 Fixing Broken Scripts




Source files from "broken files" workshop
Chapter 16 (xml files)

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